25 Signs You Have Finally Found True Love. Each One Of Them Is Very Important

25 Signs You Have Finally Found True Love. Each One Of Them Is Very Important

If you want to know if you've finally found true love, then you shouldn't just look for the romantic signs. True love is more than that. Here are 25 indications of true love, that might seem like details, but they're actually very important.

1. You and your partner have a blast doing super boring stuff together, such as grocery shopping, running to the pharmacy, or paying your taxes.

2. You have more fun when you're eating takeout on the couch than when you go dining out at a five-star restaurant.

3. One of your best things about being with your partner is eating anything the hell you want without worrying about looking sexy.

4. You're still in love with them even more after you see their true mouth-open face while they're sleeping.

5. And you’re just as comfortable with them seeing yours.

6. You appreciate one another when you are all dressed up. However, your favorite versions of each other are sweatpants, ratty old t-shirts, and no prep time at all.

7. You treasure your partner's casual handwritten cards and letters more than the most expensive thing they’ve ever bought you.

8. Your partner calls you out each time you have to be called out on something, and you do the same.

9. Your PDA is relatively nonexistent. At this point, you both have so much more fun when you share an inside joke, exchange private smiles or goofy faces when you make eye contact with each other across the room at a party, or any other communication you might have in public that's shared only between you two.

10. Your partner is great at giving you pep talks, but he/she also refuses to coddle you.

11. You two can openly talk – and laugh – about your bodily functions.

12. Your favorite part about going to weddings together isn't the moving ceremony nor the emotional toasts, but merely getting drunk together.

13. You have developed a relationship dictionary: real or made-up words and phrases which have a special meaning between you two

14. You know each other so well that you'd probably answer correctly every question about each other.

15. Some of your ‘terms of endearment’ for each another aren't terms of endearment at all. Instead, they are nicknames such as ‘nerd’ or ‘pal.’ And you prefer it this way.

16. It doesn’t gross you out when your partner has the flu or gets sick in some way because you just focus on taking care of them.

17. You openly tell them when they're annoying the hell out of you, and even though it is based in truth, you both still laugh about it.

18. You can hang out with your partner in silence without feeling weird.

19. In fact, chilling out with them in absolute peace, without feeling the need to chat, is one of your favorite parts of the relationship.

20. You'd never betray each other by watching an episode of ‘your TV show’ on your own. You made a plan that the binge-watching of this particular series must be done together, and you will stick to it.

21. They'll buy you your favorite snack or candy more often than they give you flowers, and you like it that way.

22. They make you laugh even in extremely serious and inappropriate situations.

23. You would rather spend a super lame day with them than go on an exciting date with anyone else.

24. You like their smell even in the morning.

25. You understand what each other wants only by a quick look at each other's eyes.
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