14 Signs That Your Relationship Is Worth Keeping

14 Signs That Your Relationship Is Worth Keeping

Throughout our life, we will all date many different kinds of people. Some will be too nice, some too indifferent. Some will think we are the center of their whole world and some will become the center of ours. However, just once in our lifetime, we’ll meet this person who’ll stand out from all the others, who’ll make us wonder why there aren’t more of these people in this planet and who’ll truly be a high-quality partner.

If you've been lucky enough to meet such a person and be in a relationship with them, you must have noticed these signs that prove you should keep this person in your life:

1. They inspire you to reach your true potential and to follow greater things but without being too demanding about it. They won’t force you to achieve the things you should because they trust you enough to know that you’ll take the right decisions.

2. They don't play childish games or try to get you jealous. They don't have any insecurities about your relationship. They know what they are worth and they don't feel the need to keep proving it to you or themselves.

3. They don’t act like the whole world revolves around them. They want love and respect from you, and they're willing to offer you the same. They won’t expect you to suppress your feelings and desires just to keep them happy all the time.

4. They don't need you to be present in their life 24/7. They understand that you’re both two independent persons who have a life outside of your relationship as well. You both give each other space and time to invest in your friends, family, hobbies, and career.

5. They’ve never felt anxious about taking them to meet any of their friends or even their parents, for that matter. They are aware that they can carry themselves well and interact with all kinds of people. They are wise enough to know what topics to discuss with your family, and when they are with your friends, they can let loose, be nice and enjoy a good time.

6. They know how to take care of themselves. They never wanted a relationship just so they could depend on somebody for all kinds of physical, financial and mental support. On the contrary, they see you as an equal, to split all the bills, and to ensure that both of you are treated in a right and equal way.

7. Their social media presence is not something that they’ll ever need to hide or be embarrassed about. They know how to present themselves in front of people, whether it’s in person or on their computer screen.

8. They have strong opinions on almost every topic. And they’ll never shy down from expressing them just to avoid arguments or to keep everybody happy. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll ever impose those opinions on you or anybody else. They are open to discussions, and any disagreement you have won’t turn into a raging battle.

9. You feel like the luckiest person in the world when you’re with them. Because one thing you are sure of is that somebody as amazing as them wouldn’t just date anyone. He/she is a strong independent person, and they aren't afraid of being on their own – so they must really like you if they have chosen to share their life with you!

10. If you ever have a fight or an argument, they won’t try to end it by putting the blame on you or by being passive aggressive. They realize that every situation is different and that you need to discuss the reason why you fight rather than trying to blame each other for everything.

11. They are sure about their purpose in life. They have defined goals and benchmarks for themselves, and they won’t get affected by any obstacles that come their way.

12. They can make you laugh. Everyone likes being around people who make them laugh. If the two of you share jokes and can laugh together even in stressful situations, you are very lucky to be with this keeper. Couples who laugh together are usually the happiest couples.

13. They are self-aware. People who know their flaws and try to improve them are the ones who will try for their relationship without giving up and without always putting the blame on the other person. No one is perfect so being able to see your own faults and try to fix them is a great quality.

14. They have integrity and can admit their faults. This is a sign of a keeper. Most people lie a lot, often in little ways, only to help others to feel good about themselves. Your keeper might tell a little white lie about silly stuff, but never the things that really matter.
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