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Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Eye-Opening Video Will Make Adults Reconsider The Way They Talk To Children

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This Eye-Opening Video Will Make Adults Reconsider The Way They Talk To Children

This powerful video is highlighting the way kids’ interactions with adults may affect their education.

The video was created by The Atlanta Speech School. It's called "Every Opportunity" and its purpose is to show a day at school from the perspective of one young student. Despite the fact that he starts his day with enthusiasm, his interactions with educators and other adults leave him feeling discouraged.

According to a press release from the school, the video “demonstrates how small changes in adult behavior, both inside and outside of the classroom, can enhance a child’s approach and her ability to learn.”

What are your views on this subject? Comment below and don't forget to share!

Based on The Huffington Post

Written by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou
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1 comment:

  1. I think what it all boils down to is 'respect'. I firmly believe children deserve respect just like every other human being. I think a lot of people have forgotten how amazing and beautiful a child's soul is. There's nothing in comparison to innocence & it is something I have cherished as I watched my children grow.


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