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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Forgotten Video of Donald Trump. This Is The Man Who May Be Representing The White House

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Forgotten Video of Donald Trump. This Is The Man Who May Be Representing The White House

Most of us here in America are familiar with the Hollywood antics or the at times completely ridiculous nature of Donald Trump, but recently an international viewer saw something for the first time and asked us to share it with the world. The following video is meant for entertainment purposes more than anything else, some light hearted humor if you will but it does speak to the absurdity of electing a character like Mr. Trump.

If you think that celebrity apprentice was embarrassing then you are in for a good laugh. As our international friend stated “I pity you if this guy would become your next President.” Personally I think it speaks more to the moral decay of western culture than it does the personality of Donald Trump. He is who he is at this point, we are all well aware. Having gotten this far in an election, Trump seems bullet proof to any and all criticism. As for America, the people have continued to speak and apparently they want Mr. Trump representing their values. America will get what it deserves this election year no matter who we choose.

The following clip was taken in 2007 as Wrestlemania, if you are an international viewer whom hasn’t seen this before, this is the man who may be commander in chief of our military and head of state – symbol of our nation. Metaphorically speaking, Vince Mcmahon Represents the Republican Party and Donald Trump represents himself – laying the smack down upon every Republican candidate running against him.

Source: AnonHQ
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1 comment:

  1. Trump wouldn't have to be shaved, just pull his hair off, it's only glued on!


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