5 Things Sociopaths and Narcissists Say to Make You Feel Crazy

5 Things Sociopaths and Narcissists Say to Make You Feel Crazy

When you hear the word “psychopath”, you might think of Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy, but most psychopaths are actually non-violent and non-incarcerated members of society. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll seem exceptionally altruistic and innocent to the average onlooker.

As described in the Psychopath Free book, psychopaths are first and foremost social predators. With no conscience, they’re able to use charm and manipulation to get what they want from others—whether it be families, friendships, relationships, cults, the workplace, or even politics. The bottom line is, they modify their personalities to become exactly the person they think you want them to be. And they’re good at it.

But when they no longer need anything from you, that’s when the crazy-making behavior begins. Here are some common phrases you’ll hear from a psychopath who’s trying to make you doubt your sanity:

1. “You over-analyze everything.”

Of course there are people who DO read too much into situations. The difference with psychopaths is that you’ll always discover you were correct in retrospect. They intentionally do things to make you feel on-edge or paranoid, like flirt with a once-denounced ex over social media for the whole world to see. When you question them, they accuse you of over-analyzing the situation. But then a month later, you discover they were actually cheating with that person. Psychopaths want you to doubt your intuition by making you feel like a crazy detective, constantly planting hints to make you feel anxious and then blaming you for having that anxiety.

2. “I hate drama.”

And yet, you’ll soon come to discover there’s more drama surrounding them than anyone you’ve ever known. Psychopaths will first idealize you above everyone else, praising you for your perfect easy-going nature. But because they are perpetually bored, this never lasts long. They are pathological liars, serial cheaters, and eternal victims. Before long, these qualities inevitably start to surface and cause you overwhelming confusion. Any time you mention your concerns or frustration, they’ll declare their hatred of drama and make you feel bad for reacting to their horrible behavior (instead of addressing the behavior itself).

3. “You’re so sensitive.”

Psychopaths manufacture emotions in others—it’s what they do. After once showering you with 24/7 praise and flattery, they’ll ignore you for days on end and wait for you to react. When you finally do, they’ll accuse you of being sensitive or needy. They’ll insult, belittle, and criticize you (usually in a teasing/joking demeanor), pushing your boundaries until you finally speak up. Then they use your manufactured reactions to make you seem crazy. Within weeks, psychopaths can turn an exceptionally easy-going person into an unrecognizable mess of insecurities and self-doubt.

4. “You misunderstood me.”

Sure, healthy couples have misunderstandings and miscommunications all the time. But with psychopaths, they’ll intentionally say things they know will provoke you. Then when you react, they’ll turn it around on you and blame you for misunderstanding. Oftentimes, they’ll even deny that they ever said it. This is called gaslighting—blatantly doing or saying something, and then blaming you for misinterpreting it (or denying that it even took place). The fact is, you understood what they said perfectly fine. They’re just trying to make you doubt your sanity.

5. “You’re crazy / bipolar / jealous / bitter / in love with me.”

The name-calling usually starts when things are going downhill fast. According to a psychopath, all of their ex lovers, colleagues, and friends are crazy, bipolar, jealous, bitter, or in love with them. This becomes very confusing when they start reaching out to those very same people they once denounced to you, using them to triangulate and cause chaos (making the psychopath appear in high-demand at all times). Then they toss you in that very same “crazy” bucket, continuing their never-ending cycle of idealizing and devaluing anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

The only way out is to go No Contact. This means no texts, calls, emails, or even Facebook friendships. Otherwise you can be guaranteed that they’ll do anything and everything in their power to make you feel crazy. The good news is, when a psychopath tries to make you doubt your intuition, it means your intuition was causing them trouble. Psychopaths seek to psychologically destroy anyone who might threaten their illusion of normalcy to the world. So when they begin playing mind games with you, it’s actually a strange indirect tribute to your ability to notice that something was “off” about them.

by Jackson Mackenzie

Source: Mind Body Green via Idealist4ever
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  1. I have read so many interesting articles online, but this is definitely one of the best! Everything is on point in this article. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    1. Agreed! Number #1) on list explains it all, and the Sociopaths and Narcissists) play with you, learn your reactions and uses them over and over etc, Some in mental health call their behavior "Gaslighting"! It's wicked, Nobody deserves this!

  2. Sociopaths and narcissists, are not even that bad, how everyone tells you. i am a very narcisstic person, and one of my best friends is a sociopath. and yes, we are not assholes. in reality, we are the only one who are defendig others and us against assholes. to be a sociopath means you have no feelings for moral, or other persons. and the result? no you are not a evil villain! because, you want to survive in society, you live your live as a good person. but thats not very importent. very importent, is the fact, that a sociopath doesn't judge about others. this doesent seem to be, something really special, or not?
    but, thats the heaven on earth. be one hour with my friend in one room and talk with him, and you will be another man. why? because, he don't want to change you. he dont want to press you in a social system. a sociopath don't judge others. he just accept the way you are. the result ist, that you, my lovely reader, dont need, to try to be someone else, you dont need to weare a mask, you dont need to defende you, and you dont need to be ashamed for what or who you are. you are just yourself. and thats a luxus you dont see ever again. maybe you think, that you are allways yourself, but you must have been in such a situation, to understand, what its really mean.
    And i? i am a narcissist, and no, i am not just an arrogant, manipulativ asshole. no, i mean really the psychologic disorder.
    yes, as a narcissist, you are different than others, and often colder, but that dosent make you a bad person. in reality, i am very empathic, maybe to empathic. no matter how dark sides of your personality are, there are also the other sides. for exaple, i am very loyal, and justice is my greatest dream. even if i dont give a fuck about friendships or other meaningfull relationships, i cant hurte someone. i cant see if something bad happens to someone.
    my greatest destination in life is to protect and guard my friends.
    But, yes thats only one side of my soul. the other side is deep black, and dont want light to exist.
    But it is what it is... everything in this reality has it two sides.
    but if you are different, like me, or my sotiopathic friend, everyone sees just your bad sides. everyone judge you. everyone thinks you are crazy, or a killer, or a monster, or something else whats very evil. do you know how depressive you get when everyone despise you? the world isnt black and white. not every sotiopath is a pure sotiopath, there are many of variations. but no one has a interest to see what you are. but every time i am online and i read aricle about politics and the world, i see something like that.
    "5 Things Sociopaths and Narcissists Say to Make You Feel Crazy"
    Thank you. thats like a fist in my face. why do you use those words? Not every sotiopath or narissist is an asshole, and not every assohle is a sotiopath or narcissist. in reality, all those fucking sentence i hear every time! but not even once from someone like me or my friend.
    Nothing is black and white. dont despise us for beeing different.

    1. An extensive answer like this would be written only by a narcissist defending & boasting himself. Congratulations on confirming and elaborating this article!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Loesung, don't take it personally, it's just a click bait article on a website trying to get clicks for its ads etc... to make money.
      Not a serious article by a psychologist.
      For some reason the topic of sociopaths and narcissists is trending lately.
      Pft... greed on the world wide web.... now THAT is a real sad state of affairs. (We finally have a medium to solve age old problems of humanity and the majority use it to watch porn, make money, bully etc etc... *sighs*)

    4. Well...if one thing..you have proven the article was right. All narcissistic ppl do is feel their right and everyone else is wrong.amazing haaaaa

  3. Your article is labeled Things Sociopaths and Narcissists Say to Make You Feel Crazy, yet in your article you only refer to psychopaths and their behavior. Which is it, sociopaths or psychopaths?

    1. The terms are very similar and even psychologists often use them to mean any variation of the other...
      Any particular one word re mental illness is always just a broad generalisation and should never be considered important in itself.

    2. Are You Sure Marc, bc this is a Miracle! I've given all that $ for my care and co-payshow, when I only needed was

  4. I know a narcissist and the less contact the better. Total psyco and she needs constant attention it's very annoying. Everything is so dramatic. She constantly looks at herself self absorbed in her looks 24/7. She had someone else raise her kids and on mothers day they should point that out to her she never took care of them wasn't interested ever. She needs help because the only person she loves is herself so SELFISH!

  5. This article is dead on. Mine did all 5 of them. I did doubt my sanity in the end. I went total no-contact and things got better - much better, but it took a while.

  6. I have to agree with all these points. I just broke up (again and for the last time) abusive relationship with my GF. All these points are spot on her behavior. And I couldn't find a way either to make her see her abusive behavior or to change at least some points using mindful approach. In her eyes, I was guilty of her lying to me, cheating on me and everything this article describes. I'm now off of her forever. But, how do I spot people like this before these manipulations happen?

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