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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why You Should Spend Your Money On Having New Experiences Instead Of Buying Things

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Why You Should Spend Your Money On Having New Experiences Instead Of Buying Things

Some people claim that money can't buy you happiness. This quote isn't completely false. On the contrary, the things that value the most are not things and can't be bought. However, there are still experiences that, unfortunately, cost a lot of money. These are experiences that let us meet new places and new people, such as travelling.

Nowadays, people are getting more and more eager to possess as many things as possible, such as devices of the latest technology. Still, that doesn't make them happy. We have to understand that human needs are completely different from that.

Spending your money on a possession will only give you temporary joy. What will really make you content is having new experiences. That's why I think that it's really better to save your money for, let's say, a big journey, than spending it on things with no real value.

Here are 4 reasons why this will make you happier:

1) You should always get the chance to spend more time in nature.

And by travelling you could do so. You don't always need to plan an expensive trip. You can just escape your busy life for a while by visiting the park that's next to where you live. Try not to think about anything and just observe nature and your surroundings. You may see something that could change your perspective on life.

2) Journeys are experiences that you will remember forever.

And you will be telling stories about them again and again. Anytime you travel to somewhere with friends, family or your relationship, you will gain many amazing memories that you will want to share later. Can you compare this to buying a new mobile phone? A journey always wins, because it can make you more fulfilled.

3) It's easier to save money for something you really aspire.

Describing a trip that you made in the past can make you very glad. That's not true about any possessions that you purchased. When you experience a new place or new environment, you will likely want to do it again and again. It’s hard to say that about the newest gadget that you bought, even if it did change your life at the time.

4) Experiences can make your life more meaningful.

Experiences define us. They are important markers of our lives. And they remind us that we are all travelers of some sort. Experiences reveal our shortcomings. They show us we are not alone in this world. That there are other wanderers out there, in searching of truth and meaning in this great big, confusing universe.
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