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Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Blind Man Asks Some Strangers If He Won The Lottery. Their Reactions Are Shocking!

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A Blind Man Asks Some Strangers If He Won The Lottery. Their Reactions Are Shocking!

It's unfortunate that most people aren't honest. We live in a world where it's difficult to trust people, especially strangers.

However, our first thought when we meet a stranger might be completely mistaken.

This video proves that we shouldn't be quick to judge people; we should get to know them better.

Johal is a YouTuber who decided to conduct a very interesting social experiment based on honesty. He approached strangers and claimed to be blind before asking them to read his winning lottery ticket and let him know if he had won. Johal approached people both from wealthy and less wealthy areas.

People's reactions are unbelievable!

Source: Metaspoon

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  1. Who is the real scam artist in this video. I'm thinking it's the guy asking for your donations.

  2. Excellent experiment. People are different and there so many villains and scams. Advice from a lottery player: check the numbers yourself; if there some restricting factor you can always contact the agency (I would recommend thelotter review) and ask for assistance. Take care of yourself!


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