8 Harsh Truths About Life That Should Make You Stronger

8 Harsh Truths About Life That Should Make You Stronger

People say that truth can be harsh. I think it can just make you stronger. In other words, truth is perfect.

1) You are not the center of the world.

When you read this, you will probably be like "I certainly know that I'm not the center of the world!". But, sometimes, though we don't certainly understand it, we behave like the world is spinning around us. We expect that everything will be as we want it to be and that every sad thing we hear on the news will never happen to us. You need to understand this and feel this: all people are the same, everyone will face bigger or smaller problems in their lives. No one is safe in this world. That's why it would be better for all of us if we started helping people who truly need it. We need to respect not only other people but all the creatures of our planet. We are worth the same.

2) Things won't always be as you want them to be.

As a result of the previous statement, we need to accept the fact that there will be sad times. But this is for our own good. Through harsh times, we learn how to appreciate happiness. And you need to know that happiness will come afterward, no matter what. But you also should realize that happiness, just as sadness, is not permanent. So don't let it slip out of your hands. Live it when it's still here.

3) You can't be sure about anything.

People make plans. Many plans. Every day we make a new plan. It may be a life plan or just a week's plan. It may refer to the job you want to choose or to the food you're going to cook today. Have you ever heard the great old saying, "Man plans and God laughs"? Even if you don't believe in any god, the saying is still true; it's so useless to have everything planned because life is full of surprises. We can't control everything, and we need to understand it and stop being control freaks. So relax and live without anxieties. That's what you can earn from it.

4) You will fail many times.

If you want to succeed without trying, then I've got bad news for you. No one ever succeeded by sitting on his couch. You need to attempt more than once if there's something you genuinely want to achieve. Hard things are the ones that are worth the most. Just remember that failing should only give you the strength to try better and fail better until you finally succeed.

5) Many people will let you down and lie to you.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't trust anybody. I'm just saying that you should be careful. As Bob Marley used to say, "the truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for". This single quote can summarize the meaning of human relationships. There will be many people in your life, but very few will be there for you. Try to spot them early and never let them go! This article will remind you why you need to choose your friends carefully.

6) You are basically alone in this world.

I know that most people are frightened of loneliness. I am too. But loneliness is not necessarily bad. By being alone sometimes, you learn how to love yourself. If you do love yourself, then you've got all it takes to love and be loved by someone else. But don't underestimate the time you spend alone. You need this time to become an independent person.

7) Death is inevitable.

Death is also a very common fear. The majority of individuals constantly fear that they or their loved ones will die. We need to understand that death is natural. It's just as natural as giving birth. Accept the fact that death will come one day because this will help you understand the importance of life. Live your life without thinking about things you're not able to control. However, if you are interested in philosophical questions, this is for you.

8) There will be times when you will feel like giving up.

It's okay to feel that way sometimes. What isn't normal is to let this feeling take over you. Of course, you won't give up. Life is a precious gift, even if sometimes it feels like a joke. But even if it's just a joke, then all you have to do is laugh at it and be happy. So, whenever you think about giving up, just read this article.

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