12 Ways To Make Someone Smile Today

12 Ways To Make Someone Smile Today

Making people around you smile can make you happy too! Don't hesitate to show your kindness to others. Here's how you can brighten someone’s day by 12 simple ways of kindness:

1) Hug him/her.

It's a great sign of affection. It has been proved that hugging reduces stress and it can brighten your thoughts and mood in a second. In addition, hugs are free!

2) Make a compliment.

There's no need to tell lies. But if you like a person, then there's certainly at least one thing that makes you admire them. Don't keep it for yourself; tell them! They'll feel better immediately.

3) Encourage.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when you’re going through tough times. When someone is feeling down, you could always give them a ray of your own sunshine and remind them of the positive sides of their problem.

4) Offer him/her something.

It's not bad to become a little more generous once in a while. A small present, even if it is a symbolic one, can make a friend or family member happy. At least it shows that you care.

5) Invite him/her for a cup of coffee.

Instead of a present, a cool chat over coffee can also bring you close to the other person. It's also a chance to say things about yourselves, if it's been a long time you've had an actual conversation with each other.

6) Tell a funny story.

Everyone loves stories, especially when they're funny. Share one of yours! It's not only a way to make someone laugh, since you can also offer them the chance to share their funny story. A joke is good too.

7) Be a shoulder for him/her to cry on.

Everyone needs support. All of us face everyday problems. Some of them are simple, some others are really serious. No matter what your friend's problem is, it's a fact that he/she needs you! Be there for him/her.

8) Listen to him/her.

Most people like to talk about themselves all the time. That's why communication is lost. It would be better if we stopped being self-centered and started having real conversations. To achieve that, we need to actually listen to the other person instead of talking all the time!

9) Do a chore or run an errand for him/her.

If you’re having a day off, why not help someone with something small? It’s a good sacrifice and a positive outcome is sure to follow.

10) Share a good advice.

When there’s a problem you can easily participate in the solution by offering a helpful advice or your own point of view. You can consult with friends that have been in a similar situation.

11) Share something you've created.

It could be some homemade sweets or anything you can imagine. This could really make your friend happy!

12) Smile.

Smiling is contagious. This means that it's the easiest way to make someone else smile. Start smiling and you'll be surprised by how many people smile back. ;)

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