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Friday, February 22, 2013

How Would You Like To Grow Into A Tree After You Die?

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This is a Bios Urn, a completely biodegradable urn that contains a single tree seed. When planted, the tree seed is nourished by and absorbs the nutrients from the ashes. The urn itself is made from coconut shell and contains compacted peat and cellulose. The ashes are mixed with this, and the seed placed inside. You can even choose which type of tree you'd like to grow!

How Would You Like To Grow Into A Tree After You Die?

So which would you prefer; leaving behind a tree or a tombstone?

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  1. This is my perfect way to go .. always said I wanted a green funeral and burial this would do just fine ...

  2. One time certain pple where i am were selling trees to have loved ones plaques put on them, but it was a scam. So hopfully this is real as its a lovely idea!

  3. good idea you can buy it here :

  4. I'd like to become a blue spruce, to provide shelter from storms and predators for small birds and animals, and beauty, cleaner air and wind/sun protection for people.

  5. ^blue spruce^
    you brought tears to my eyes, visualizing this beautiful thought. thank you!

  6. This seems like a good idea but incredibly expensive 137 euros (£125) for a cardboard urn one seed and a bit of compost . I can't imagine the material cost is over £10, so why the high price

  7. thats not that expensive for your dead relative/friend....

  8. seems like a good idea, but why do we need the product? Just put the ashes in the ground along with a seed and forget paying the extra for the marketing team.

  9. Top left corner - "Why don't you try this". I think that is going a little beyond "trying". Seems that if once you are to this point, you're kind of committed to the process. Anyway, I think it's a great idea and may consider something similar.

  10. leave your remains to a good medical school and let the foresters take care of the trees; you can "plant a tree" a few times before you're gone

  11. i would love to know how to get these..i think they would be nice for our beloved departed pets, too...


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