Talented 15-Year-Old Boy Performs Hallelujah, And It's So Touching

Talented 15-Year-Old Boy Performs Hallelujah, And It's So Touching

So young and talented at the age of 17, Alfie Sheard learned a lot about the music industry.

He went viral when a video of him busking in Doncaster surfaced on the web. He got a few million views in a short period!

His world then turned 180 degrees. He was invited to the US to perform on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and he was given a personalized guitar as a mark of respect by one of his favorite idols, Ed Sheeran.

After learning and grinding in Beverly Hills, Alfie is back in South Yorkshire, according to Daily Positive Info.

He’s now down to earth and much more talented than before, and is working hard to produce his songs. Hopefully, all of that will turn into a few successful albums.

The talented teen is also enjoying his time at home and will busk in Doncaster again when time allows.

Published on Doncaster Free Press, Alfie said:

“I had an amazing time in America. Everything happened so quickly last year, and suddenly there I was, out in Los Angeles, which was a pretty cool experience.

Much of my time out there involved studio work and networking, getting the right team together. But I did do some busking, and it’s an entirely different set up from over here.

I tried places like Santa Monica and Beverley Hills, but there is so much competition out there… you wait at least an hour for a spot in Hollywood

I was surprised how friendly people were to each other out there overall.

I made some friends for life, but there are also people who are not so genuine. You have to be aware.

I was in this fantastic apartment complex in LA, living among very wealthy people and looking out over the whole of the city from the thirty-fifth floor.

I was mixing with musicians, producers, actors and models, all people from the same pond but from all over the world.

A couple of times I was working in the studio when Jennifer Lopez was there with her entourage...I was friends with her vocal coach. She seemed very down to earth, nothing of the prima donna about her.

I’ll be returning to America at some point for more studio work with the same producers in Hollywood. They wanted me to live out there, but I didn’t want that.

The eight hours time difference makes it hard to maintain contact with family and friends over here. It was a step too far for me. I loved it, but at times I could feel a bit isolated. It’s great to be around my friends back in Britain.

Life in the States had its scary moments. There was a shootout just around the corner from my block on one occasion, and on another, we were driving past a store as an armed robbery was taking place. Guns are commonplace. I never had one, but there were plenty around. You couldn’t help but be aware.”

Alfie will continue to thrive because what you’re about to hear is proof of his immense talent!

Make sure to follow this talented individual on his Facebook Page and YouTube Channel and hear more amazing songs!

Watch the video below:

Talented 15-Year-Old Boy Performs Hallelujah, And It's So Touching Talented 15-Year-Old Boy Performs Hallelujah, And It's So Touching Reviewed by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou on 2:42 AM Rating: 5

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