The 15 Most Hazardous And Beautiful Roads In The World

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World

If you have been driving for a long time, there is a slim chance that you haven’t encountered dangerous roads. It can be anything from weather to structurally unsound roads. Nevertheless, while a majority of our driving is usually on immaculate, well-built roads, not all people are as lucky. Many roads don't possess the required infrastructure.

Road hazards and accidents can destroy an otherwise eventful journey. While hazardous roads can cause plenty of damage, you cannot rule out the contribution of drunken ones and human error of judgment in causing accidents. Here is a list of the most dangerous roads in the world:

Transfagarasan, Romania

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Transfagarasan, Romania

This road is in the middle of the Carpathian Mountainous region. It elevates to a dramatic height of 2034 meters and is considered to be the nation’s highest soaring road. Tansfagarasan is also known for its dare-devil appeal and spectacular sight, as it cuts through the Fagaras massif.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Tianmen Mountain Road, China

Tianmen Mountain Road in China is a 10-kilometer long stretch which features 99 (yes you read that right) massive turns). The variation at the start of the stretch and its end is a staggering 1000 meters. So you are ascending 1000 meters as you're driving along the road stretch. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

Gotthard Pass is one of the loftiest and most challenging mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, that makes for such a thrilling drive. The 64-kilometer path snakes from one side to another and rewards visitors with incredible scenic beauty. The astonishing European wonder has lots of exciting surprises in store for somebody who's willing to give its rugged side an honest chance.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

That's not strictly a road but a bridge, although that does not make it any less dangerous. Eshima Ohashi Bridge interlinks Matsue and Sakaiminato, that's 1.7 kilometers in length and around 12 meters in width. The structure almost always appears like it can't be climbed when viewed from far. On the other hand, its elevated height has a distinct advantage, as large ships can comfortably pass through it.

Zozila, India

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Zozila, India

Kashmir and Ladakh are linked with this 9-kilometer long stretch, with the path being intently steep and narrow. Brimming with vehicles and livestock, that remains one of India’s most significant passes. Located 3, 528 meters above sea level, the pass is juxtaposed between Kashmir and Ladakh. Driving through this pass requires nothing short of ace driving skills and a dependable vehicle. The pass is shut during winters.

Dalton Highway, Alaska

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Dalton Highway, Alaska

The 666 kilometer long Dalton Highway is the most secluded highway on Earth. It links three villages and is thought to be the world’s snowiest highway or the highway which witnesses the highest concentration of snow. If you believed it could not get any more adventurous than the icy landscape of Alaska, Dalton Highway just adds to the thrill!

Yungas Road, Bolivia

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Yungas Road, Bolivia

One of the deadliest highways in the world? You bet. You would probably get freaked out just by looking at its picture. According to statistics, approximately 200-300 people lose their lives on this road annually. While there are vertigo-inducing steep mountains on one side, the other has 600 meters elevated cliff. It is frightening to even imagine driving through this path!

Guoliang Tunnel, China

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Guoliang Tunnel, China

Locals built Gualiang Tunnel since earlier a road cutting from the mountain was the primary communication method connecting the small village to other places in and around it. Authorities later considered building a 1200 meter long tunnel to help locals commute between regions more conveniently. Although China is known for its narrow winding passageways, this one re-defines dare-devilry.

Le Passage du Gois France

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Le Passage du Gois France

The quirkiest thing about that road is that it's open for limited hours every day, and is submerged underwater for the rest of the day. Does it sound weird? Well, make sure you carefully read tide schedules before your vehicle sinks in, and you become history or mystery! On a more serious note, do not go until you have a full tidal plan.

Hana, Hawaii

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Hana, Hawaii

The 112-kilometer road stretch links Hana and Kahului to the popular tourist island Maui. The narrow road stretch connects 59 bridges, out of which 46 feature a single lane. The pass is often shut owing to landslides in the region. While Hawaii is quintessentially beautiful, its thrilling features like that which add to its glory!

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road connects several tiny sea-side villages. It's worth going on a road trip through this road to view the breathtaking natural sites, the charming village communities and the innumerable, off the beaten path tourist attractions. Norway’s ice-capped mountains combined with the picturesque Atlantic Ocean Road make for a beautiful tourist attraction.

Col de la Bonette, France

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Col de la Bonette, France

That's a dangerous mountain pass which is nestled 2000 meters in the French Alps, next to the Italian border. The road features by narrow, steep and unpredictable twists and turns which are not meant for faint-hearted drivers. French Alps pathways are thought to be incredibly scenic, and this one would not disappoint anyone.

Kolyma, Russia

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Kolyma, Russia

Kolyma connects Magadan and Yakutsk. However, it's popularly known as the “death road” due to its fatal demeanor. Interestingly, the initial 90 kilometers of this stretch were made by mid-14th-century prisoners. Nevertheless, construction concluded only in the 20th century. The road is considered to be one of the deadliest on the planet due to its height and steepness.

Khardung La, India

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Khardung La, India

According to government authorities, this road is 5062 meters in height, which makes it taller than Mount Elbrus. Khardung is the world's loftiest pass earth, according to reputed resources such as National Geographic. Also, it holds the Guinness Book of World Record for being the tallest pass in the world.

Caucasus Road, Russia

The 15 Most Hazardous Roads In The World - Caucasus Road, Russia

This narrow, winding road connects Ritsa lake and Sochi and passes through the region’s imposing mountains. It's both thrilling and frightening and is worth spotting a minimum of once every week. Again, another Russian road that is famous for its thrilling inducing steeps and curves smack in the middle of an imposing mountainous region. Combine this with stellar driving skills and a sturdy vehicle, and there will be no looking back really!

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