Valuable Marriage Advice By A Dad To His Son

Valuable Marriage Advice By A Dad To His Son

When I consider what kind of advice is the best to give, I say marriage advice. Why? Because your spouse is the one who you'll spend your entire life with. He/she is the person who endures every hardship, failure and struggles with you. He/she will be by your side for success, growth, and blessings.

Marriage is a partnership: if you nurture it, it can really be the most powerful thing in your life.

Here are some words of wisdom from a father to his son about marriage:

1. My son, now that you are finally married, if you choose to live a bachelor kind of life with your wife, you'll soon be single again.

2. My son, don’t ever beat your wife, the pain in her body is nothing compared to the wound you'll leave on her heart.

3. My son, don’t ever think that the position of your wife is in the kitchen, where did you get that from? Both spouses are responsible for their house.

4. My son, don’t be carried away if you start making more money, spend it with that woman who stood by you all along.

5. My son, whenever I threw little stones or whistled at your mother's window, to call her out, it was only because I missed her so much.

6. My son, remember, your wife will change but so will you.

7. My son, do not compare your wife to any other woman, there are ways she is enduring you too, but how would you feel if she ever compared you to any man?

8. My son, your mother and I aren't interested in what happens in your marriage, try to handle problems without always coming to us.

9. My son, do not stop taking care of your mother and me, it is a secret of growing old and having your children to take care of you too.

10. My son, pray for your family, there is a tomorrow you're not aware of, talk to God who knows everything, every day.

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