5 Things Book Lovers Have In Common

5 Things Book Lovers Have In Common

Not all people are book lovers. Some would rather go to the movies or to a pub than staying home reading a good book. However there are few people who are the so called book lovers. And, even though they might be different people with completely different tastes in books, here are 5 things they do have in common:

1) Book lovers can get over the books they read.

This is serious. As a book lover, when I finish reading a book, I find it really hard to get out of its world. I still empathize with the main characters and wish I could keep on reading it. This is almost so bad that it makes it difficult to start reading another book. However, book lovers will always find a way to finally get out of a book's world and stick with another - even when they tend to forget about the real world, sometimes!

2) Book lovers can be real introverts now and then.

Have you ever had a friend who would rather stay home and read than go to a big party? A friend who could spend a whole day not talking to anyone because they would HAVE TO finish their precious book? Then you know what I'm talking about. It's not that book lovers don't like hanging out with people, it's just that sometimes they really want to dedicate most of their time in reading. I can see nothing bad about it.

3) Book lovers can be really annoying.

Usually, a book lover is the one who has read every book and makes each other mad. Some people think they are pretentious, but the thing is that they really read A LOT. But do you know what's the most annoying phrase you'll ever hear out of a book lover's mouth? It's this: "the book was way better than the movie". I know it does annoy most people. But sometimes it's so true, isn't it?

4) Book lovers are more sensitive than they seem.

They might seem cold sometimes - maybe because of the fact that, as I said before, they can act like introverts - but the truth is that book lovers share a lot of sensitivities. They care about others, they care about the world, the environment. And it makes sense. A guy who can empathize with book characters in such an extent, then he can empathize with almost anything.

5) Book lovers don't easily lend their books.

That might seem weird to some people, but most book lovers don't like lending their books to others, even if it is a close friend of theirs. It's not only that they're afraid of losing the book - which can be very possible. They also don't want their book to be torn or dirty, so they prefer to keep it in their own home. Books are really important to them, so they need to keep them in a good condition.

Written by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou
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