17 Obvious Signs That Someone Is An Empath

17 Obvious Signs That Someone Is An Empath

Empaths are often described as too emotional by other people. They are also often blamed for ‘over-feeling’. If this reminds you of something, then you’ll probably want to find out if you are an empath. Or maybe, you’re not, but you sense that a person you love is.

Well, here are 17 gigantic signs that someone is an empath:

1) They are too sensitive.

Well, as mentioned before, it’s other people who think that empaths are too emotional. So what others describe as oversensitivity is actually the ability of an empath to always be in touch with their emotions.

2) They can understand lies – and they hate them.

It barely needs a glance in your direction and an empath knows you’re lying. Most people really dislike being lied to, but it’s even worse for an empath. It literally makes their skin feel gross and they feel that disgust every time they listen to a fake story.

3. They are directly affected by negative images.

Empaths find it almost impossible to “unfeel” something. It might be the news, or stories of violence social media, or a friend’s heart-breaking relationship that will make an empath suffer as it is their story. They avoid negativity like the plague. They are well aware of the pain around the world, and they feel it daily, so they want to protect themselves from it.

4. They feel overwhelmed by crowds.

Empaths encompass each personality type. They are introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. Still, even the most outgoing of them can become easily overwhelmed by crowds. They absorb everyone’s feelings and energies and this is at least exhausting.

5. They find happiness through healing.

Empaths are always there to help; they try to guide others towards healing. Just like with all of their advices, it only helps if others actually implement it in their lives.

6. They react differently to stimulants and medications.

Whether it’s tea or coffee or anything that contains caffeine, it tends to make empaths feel more anxious or agitated than other people. Also, they do their best to avoid prescription medication because of the many, and unpleasant, side effects they experience.

7. They can’t pretend to be somebody else.

If you’re searching for an honest friendship/relationship, empaths are who you should be looking for (but they’ll likely find you first). They have grown into who they are, and they embrace who they are becoming. Usually, it is other people who have an issue with empaths’ sensitivity and honest nature.

8. They know what you’re going through because they’re going through it with you.

If you aren’t feeling well, or you’re feeling overwhelming sadness, or you’re agitated, an empath is going through all of those emotions with you. Empaths are connected to those they care about, and they care about everyone.

9. They have a unique bond with animals.

Empaths don’t have ‘pets’ as they don’t want to ‘own’ animals. They call them ‘family members’ instead. Looking at animals in the wild, empaths see perfect and pure souls. Empaths also talk to animals and, sometimes, they even get a ‘response’.

10. They are usually worn out.

Empaths deal with more than just their personal emotions and mental drains, they deal with everybody else’s as well. Every day they’re around other people, they absorb, process, and release what others are experiencing. And the lucky ones are those who have found out how to process so that they can release, rather than holding onto everything.

11. They want you to listen to their advice and take it.

Empaths listen to every word you say, they put themselves in your shoes, and they deliver heartfelt advice. They just want you to listen to it! The thing is, empaths know what they’re talking about- and you do too. They’re actually telling you what you know, deep inside, that you should do. And they know it. So the best thing to do is take their advice. After all, you asked for it.

12. They become easily destructed.

Maybe it’s because of their heightened sensitivity to everybody and everything around them: empaths tend to lose their focus easily and become distracted. But there’s a bright side to this: they appreciate all the little things most people never notice.

13. They detest narcissism.

Empaths can spot a narcissist from a mile away, and that’s exactly as close as they like to get to one.

14. They are very sensitive to certain sounds.

It might be a certain pitch, a slight buzz, or loud noises that really get to empaths. However, it’s not just sounds- empaths are also sensitive to textures, fabrics, or bright lights as well. They experience the polar opposite too! They prefer noticing gentle sounds, soft caresses, or delicate tastes.

15. They are excellent listeners.

You can tell an empath everything about your life from what’s maybe insignificant to you, to the drastically transformative. Empaths will do more than listen- they will embark on that journey with you, and experience everything within. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about any judgment on an empath’s part; they never want to hurt, just to help you.

16. Electronics act up around them.

This might sound strange to those who haven’t experienced it, but it happens. Empaths get shocked by touching the same things you usually do, and, for instance, electronic equipment acts strange around them.

17. They are free spirits.

Empaths find rules, laws, even everyday routine, imprisoning. Anything that could take away their freedom makes them scared. They don’t like to feel pressured, they only do the things they want to do, things that make them feel independent.
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