8 Reasons Why Strong Women Face Difficulties In Finding True Love

8 Reasons Why Strong Women Face Difficulties In Finding True Love

You may think that strong women find it easy to find true love, but in reality things are completely different. Strong women aren't invincible. They also have their weaknesses and insecurities. Here are 8 reasons why it's really hard to find true love if you're a strong woman:

1) Most men are afraid of strong women.

It sounds ridiculous, but the truth is that most men feel uncomdortable when dating a woman who is stronger than them. It somehow "hurts" the self confidence or makes them feel less masculine. As a matter of fact, strong women need to search a lot to find a man who will respect their powerful personality and face them as equals.

2) Strong women are sometimes too selective.

Women with a strong personality are usually picky enough when it comes to choosing the man of their dreams. The problem is that sometimes they tend to become too selective, because they know they are worth of someone really good or because of their insecurity that they need to find the perfect match.

3) Strong women aren’t afraid to be by themselves.

Strong women know what they want and aren’t willing to settle for anything less. They know the importance of staying true to themselves and they also realize that sacrificing their needs for the sake of love with the wrong person will only cause resentment in the long run. They do not have to settle out of fear of being alone, or fear of social implications by others’ who do not understand a woman’s ability to be by herself, and be happy.

4) Strong women are not afraid of speaking up.

They’re not afraid to tell someone what they did wrong or call someone out on their lies. This is why they’re often labeled ‘intimidating’ because they can stand up for themselves and will not hold back.

5) Strong women don’t allow themselves to be options.

Strong women will not tolerate being treated like an option or being part of a bunch of women someone is dating. They appreciate commitment and honesty and anything other than that is a deal breaker for them.

6) Strong women are more brains than beauty.

While not always the case, strong women may tend to be more attractive on the inside than on the outside. Generally speaking, strong people have a “hidden beauty” and it takes a special person to appreciate and acknowledge it. They are also more attracted by smart and strong men.

7) Strong women usually do not find their happiness in anything that comes easily to them.

Strong women find their happiness in perseverance and commitment to something they can work on and grow with. While this seems like a positive mindset to have, it can backfire when it affects how they choose their romantic partners. A relationship only works if you’re willing to commit even when it’s hard, not choose it because it’s hard.

8) Strong women tend to give their strength to what they love.

When strong women fall in love, they almost adopt that person into their own identity, and aren’t quick to realize when they’re giving away their power at the other person’s benefit and their own detriment. Likewise, strong women have a laser focus – the more they are fixated on a difficult relationship, the more it becomes exacerbated.
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  2. Strong women tend to choose the hard outsider from sociaties view. The guy that fights the rules. The guy that doesn't give a F*, hoping he might be able to take em on. But he'll usually only ignore them in a fight, instead of working together to understand her or work for a solution

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