Why It's Better To Be Single Than With Someone Who Does Not Give A Damn

Why It's Better To Be Single Than With Someone Who Does Not Give A Damn

Many of us fear to be single for long periods because of loneliness; but, being single is much better than feeling lonely in a shitty relationship.

There is no need to feel alone just because you are not dating someone.

Trust me; you are better off alone than in a relationship with some asshole that takes you for granted. Many women get into half-hearted relationships because they're scared of being alone in life and possibly for the rest of their life and, therefore, they end up stuck and unhappy.

Another reason why lots of women end up in dead-end relationships is due to this stupid thing called the ‘biological’ clock.

They fear that the longer they stay single, the faster their clock will tick. What ends up happening to some women is that they start a relationship, have a child and end up breaking it off.

So I am going to share a few reasons as to why it’s better to stay single until you find someone who is going to give a damn about you.

Firstly, being single allows you to take care of yourself, to nurture yourself and love yourself. Those things are vital for all human beings and if cultivated can serve you in ways you'd never have thought of.

You focus and work on your career. When you are single, you do not have to focus on anybody or anything else except you and your future.

When you begin to focus on yourself and your future, it is almost impossible for you not to achieve success and happiness.

Relationships can be beautiful, and they can also be ugly, it all depends on whether or not the person you're committing to is also committing to you. I do not mean in the Facebook official way, I mean in your body, mind and soul kind of way. If they can't commit to you like that then why bother wasting your precious time?

After all, time is the rarest yet most valued commodity in the entire universe.

So, use your time wisely, use it to work on yourself, to love yourself. Once you fully and truly love yourself, you'll notice how you do not have time for people who are not willing to step up to your level. It isn't selfish wanting a certain kind of lover; it is actually the opposite.

It's better to stay single until you meet the right person.

That person will never make you doubt yourself nor the love you share. They'll never leave you feeling lonely in a room full of people. That person will show up for you, they'll know when some things up and will be there for you, emotionally and physically. That person will never ditch you for their friends or avoid family gatherings; they'll want to be a part of your life, no matter what that entails.

The right person will never break your trust nor stir doubt within you. The right person will stand with you no matter what, they're going to walk by your side on your road to success, motivating and pushing you to do your best in life. They'll satisfy you on all levels, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Why It's Better To Be Single Than With Someone Who Does Not Give A Damn Why It's Better To Be Single Than With Someone Who Does Not Give A Damn Reviewed by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou on 12:06 PM Rating: 5


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