9 Reasons Why Aunts Play A Unique Role In A Kid's Life

9 Reasons Why Aunts Play A Unique Role In A Kid's Life

Modern families usually assume more complex configurations. That's why aunts have indeed begun to play an essential part in kids' upbringing. They aren't only close relatives anymore, as being an aunt is a way of life. It is a unique calling. Several women “aunt” as second moms, friends, or teachers. They offer a precious kind of love to their nephews and nieces.

Parents teach and advise their children, grandparents spoil them, and aunts provide all of that to their nephews and nieces. A child is always happier with a loving and caring aunt that could positively influence the kid’s life.

Here are nine reasons which make aunties’ role in their nephews’ and nieces’ lives so unique and vital.

1. They never miss an anniversary.

Aunts will always be there to celebrate the graduation or the birthday of their nieces and nephews. They will not miss an event despite what they have to do – take a day off from their job or fly to another country. On top of that, aunts also love to buy exciting and practical gifts for their nieces and nephews since spoiling them is fun!

2. Aunts may give a different view on life.

Aunts could express an opinion which differs from the view of the parents. They might give a helping hand to their nephews and nieces for anything, from learning letters and numbers to advising them about a challenging situation.

3. Aunties are always there to give love and affection.

Aunts love giving the children lots of hugs and affection. Cuddling with their nephews and nieces is a fantastic emotion and makes the connection between the nephews, the nieces and the aunts much stronger.

4. Aunts always listen to the problems that kids can’t share with their mom and dad.

When a niece or nephew needs advice and guidance, their aunties are always ready to help, particularly when it comes to an issue that the children would not share with their parents. Aunts are there to listen to the children and teenagers. They relate to their nephews and nieces would love to help if they can. The best part is that aunts know how to keep a secret.

5. Aunts teach values.

Aunts act as a parent sometimes. They would teach kids about values and how to tell what is right or wrong. It is one of the most significant roles they play. Seeing the children grow and change, and knowing that they were there to support them feels fantastic.

6. Aunts love taking care of their nieces and nephews.

Aunts love spending time with their beloved nieces and nephews and would happily look after them when the parents are busy. The best of all is that aunts like to have fun and play too!

7. Aunts stay kind even when the kids are wrong.

Aunts are generally kinder and more relaxed than parents and would be much more delicate if they had to correct bad behavior. They'd seldom shout or fight. Aunts usually listen, talk and explain what is wrong and how to act right.

8. Aunts are glad to have more nieces and nephews.

When a new nephew or niece is born aunts feel even happier and more unique, yet, No matter how many nephews and nieces they already have, it always feels lovely to have more kids to play with, to teach and to love. The bond between an aunt and her nieces and nephews will always stay strong if they spend valuable time together.

Aunties play such a significant role in their nieces and nephews’ lives, and now it’s clear why! They make our lives happier, funnier, and are always there for us!

9. They will not miss a chance to hang out with the children.

Sometimes aunties are even lucky enough to have things in common with their nieces or nephews. They'd take them to different places and events such as museums, concerts, and festivals when they are older. And they're always ready for a fun game with the kids in the backyard.

Reference: I Heart Intelligence

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