This Is The True Origin Of The Word 'Bomb'

This Is The True Origin Of The Word 'Bomb'

"Bombing" as a verb means attacking someone/something using bombs and, therefore, destroying by throwing bombs.

The word comes from the French verb "bombarder", which comes from the word "bombarda", which means a "catapult": a ballistic device used to launch a projectile a long distance without the use of explosive devices.

The word "bombarda" comes from the Latin word "bombus", which - and now we reach the word's first origin - comes from the Greek word "βόμβος" (buzz). The Greek words "βόμβος", "βοή", "βούισμα" mean "buzzing" or "humming", or, in other words, continuous heavy sound at a low level. For instance, some insects are buzzing while they're flying.

Therefore, Greeks gave the word "βόμβος" to Latins, and that's how the word "bomb" (the noun in Greek is "βόμβα") was created.

Interestingly, Greece has been bombed several times (by Latins too), actually more times than they have bombed other countries. That can only mean that Greeks definitely know that the sound of bombing has nothing to do with insects' buzzing!

They also know - and the whole world should know - that there are no good and bad bombs - all the bombs kill, and they kill in an ugly, sneaky way. The only people who benefit from a bombing are those who produce, trade and launch bombs. Imagine Syria: if bombing a country could in any way be something good, Syrians would live in heaven.


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