The Feather You Will Choose Will Determine Your Most Important Personality Traits

How interesting would the world be, if everything looked the same?

The reason why we tend to distort the shapes of extraterrestrial life is that we are always chasing something new and different.

We have over seven billion personalities co-existing on the planet, each one unique in their own beautiful way. It's impossible to generalize upon any one personality type correctly.

Still, through years of research, expert psychoanalysts have managed to club certain personality types into groups. Each's personality is dependent on several criteria: upbringing, peer influence, exposure, and more. Psychologists have recently conducted an experiment that uses shape and color to determine more about your personality.

Among the five feathers in the following picture – you pick one and observe what it reveals about yourself:

The Feather You Will Choose Will Determine Your Most Important Personality Traits
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Here's what your choice of feather reveals about yourself:


You avoid conflict at all costs. You prefer calm surroundings. Sometimes, when people talk too loud early in the morning, it makes your head explode.

You get well with your mates and make friends quickly. You’re quite popular for your enigma.

Your weakness is that you find it hard to say ‘no.' Some think you are a pushover, while some others misuse your compassion. Still, none of it matters to you because you are hell-bent on being a nice person.


You'd be likely to win in Darwin’s world of the fittest. Talent is your middle name.

Your perfectionism weighs heavily on you. You do know too many things for your own good.

You also prefer solitude as it helps you gather your thoughts. However, your absence sometimes hurts your friends. Still, you choose your sanity over anything else.


You're a powerhouse. You like exploring new things, and you never settle for boredom.

In most cases, you're an overachiever. You always set goals as high as your standards, and try to achieve them.

You're vested with the strength to lead battalions. Still, you need to choose your comrades wisely, because some friendships could potentially cause you grief.


You are a no-nonsense soul. That means you know exactly who you are, and you stick by it. Surprisingly, however, you have your head in the clouds very often.

Some think you are overbearing due to your unshakable stand in situations. You are also impossible to cheat.

You are the kind of adult that searches for reasons behind everything. You aren't ruled completely by impulse.

You also beat yourself up over perfectionism. Don't forget that you’re a human after all. You’re allowed to make mistakes. So, strive to make your art better, but do not kill yourself in the process, ok?


You breathe art. Your gift is intuition and immense talent for creating.

Your self-confidence often holds you back, as it's lower than the last layer of Hell. It can make you constantly question your capabilities. Don’t let it hold you back.

You don't take your work for granted, and strive until the very last detail is in place. You do your best for the people around you.

For all the love you show to others, you should also be a little kind to yourself. Try to overcome your inhibitions, as they are not greater than you are.

Reference: Simple Capacity

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