Quiz: What Does Your Subconscious Say About Who You Truly Are?

Quiz: What Does Your Subconscious Say About Who You Truly Are?

At first, it looks like a simple image test. However, you will be surprised to find out that choosing a key can reveal more than you thought about your personality and the way you act. That's because your answers depend on your subconscious, and what it's drawn to.

Dr. Abigail Brenner writes in Psychology Today:

“The subconscious is recognized as the source of creativity, intuition, inspiration, inner knowing, interconnectedness, and spiritual enlightenment. Within this realm reality shifts and expands, creating a matrix that is far more elastic and multi-dimensional than is perceived by the conscious mind.”

“The messages we receive from our dreams and the primordial symbols, or archetypes handed down to us from our ancestors, inform us about what is unique, authentic, and sacred to each of us. When we heed these messages we are following the path of our soul’s evolution.”

“These symbols and archetypes are essential elements of the collective unconscious, the universal intra-psychic structuring device innate to humans. What is so poignant here is that words are unnecessary to communicate or convey a message. The symbol, the representational picture or image, conveys the complete thought, concept, or ideal without the use of words to describe it; the proverbial, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.'”

So, take this test below to find out exactly what Dr. Brenner means and discover how accurate your results will be.

Look closely at the picture below, and choose the key that would open the old chest. It is important that you select only one key. Then flip the card with the pictures of the key you have chosen and discover your inner self.

Quiz: What Does Your Subconscious Say About Who You Truly Are? Quiz: What Does Your Subconscious Say About Who You Truly Are? Reviewed by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou on 2:18 PM Rating: 5

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