Here Is Why People Who Write Are Highly Intelligent (According To Science)

Here Is Why People Who Write Are Highly Intelligent (According To Science)

It isn’t often you find out, as a writer, that what you do professionally (or as a hobby) can boost your intelligence. Everyone believes that people in STEM professions are intelligent, while those of us who trend more towards culture and humanities don’t receive the same appreciation by a long shot. However, several studies prove that people who love writing are actually smart (see examples here, here, and here).

Writers have a higher EQ

Writers are motivated, empathetic, capable of self-regulation, self-aware and have high social skills: all signs of people who have a high EQ. Emotional intelligence is now a much more accurate indicator of overall intelligence than IQ was in the mid-nineties. Emotionally intelligent people - people with the ability to understand, identify and assess their emotions as well as others'- are usually more widely sought than those with high IQs among recruiters and employers.

Writers can learn things easily

In an interesting study of students taking notes on their pc versus students who took notes longhand, the ones who took notes by using a laptop were discovered to retain less of the information they received. They also didn’t think as critically about this information as did those who took notes longhand. According to what researchers found out, note-taking by laptop was basically the same as taking dictation: students were more focused on getting all of the words instead of these words' content. On the contrary, students who took notes longhand knew they wouldn’t be able to copy every single word, so they were automatically sorting the information as it came in. That required a more critical way of thinking about the information, as well as organization and summarization on the fly.

Writers can easily process negative feelings

Three groups of unemployed engineers participated in a study which showed that those who had to write about their experiences and feelings regarding financial instability and economic inadequacy were more likely to find a job eight months after the study, by more than twice as much (53% versus 24%). The theory that arises is that writing offers a sense of closure regarding the emotions associated with and unemployment, making the prospect of job-seeking less daunting and more manageable.

Actually, writers can process easily on everything!

Writing gives them a framework within which they can organize their minds and think more clearly. That's how writers process more efficiently and analytically. Almost all writers are familiar with writing something that's completely different from the story they have in mind. It takes a lot of frustrating drafts it takes before they finally write what they want. The continual editing and processing of information give them the incredible ability not only to organize their thought but also to use it most efficiently.
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