The Sad But True Reasons That Explain Why You Should Let Go Of Someone You Love

The Sad But True Reasons That Explain Why You Should Let Go Of Someone You Love

Love alone is not enough. Loving someone doesn't mean that they're the right person for you.

Each one of us is a unique creature on a special soul journey, with different emotions, ideas, beliefs, desires, needs, and motivations.

When you meet a new person, especially if it's someone you are romantically attracted to, you often hope and pray that they can meet you at the exact place you are at in your life. Sadly, this is not always the case.

This disconnect can also happen with the person you have been in a long-term relationship with. You both evolve and go through countless changes, so there's a time when you don’t adjust well to each other.

You may place unrealistic conditions and expectations on your partner, and when they won’t or aren’t able to meet them, you take it personally and feel rejected or unwanted. You question if there was ever a connection between you and them in the first place.

But, in reality, you just may not be compatible at that period. It is usually no one’s fault that the bonds won’t seal down on every corner. However, for reasons often unknown, something is causing relationship dysfunction.

Unless you want to experience endless pain and suffering by trying to force a relationship that doesn't work, the only choice that's left is to take a deep breath and then just let it go.

It is also necessary to work out how to release our anger and/or sadness and surrender so that everything that's meant to be can truly be, without you pressuring it to be something different—something based only on your own individual needs, desires, and emotions

People often feel that they are stronger for holding on to fragments of their relationships. We think that if we pour enough time, attention and effort into it, then, miraculously, the other person come around to our way of thinking and feeling. Nevertheless, this flood of emotional energy is often aimless since we end up having the opposite effect. Instead of feeding the relationship, it kills the residual positive emotions that have been lingering.

What we should all understand is that sometimes, the most courageous choice we can make is gently and gracefully let go of a person who isn't the right one or us.

When we listen to the term “let go,” we become easily confused believing it has a negative meaning. However, letting someone go can be the most positive, loving and considerate thing we can do for them but for ourselves as well.

When we let go, we consciously forgive, forget, and choose to move one with our lives.

We are afraid to let go of the one we love. But this fear can be replaced by faith in ourselves as well as the person we are choosing to let go of. This is a spiritual signal to the world that we trust in our own power to face what is and what isn’t meant for us.

As we enter the new chapter in our lives, fresh new energy comes in, along with new chances that we would never notice before. All our energy was captured since we were holding on to the past - a past that was preventing us from beginning anything new.

When we let go, we don’t just let go of our partner. We also let go of all the sadness, pain, anger and misery that we had been hiding from ourselves while we were stubbornly trying to force something that wasn't meant to be.

We can frequently become attached to emotions that have faded away, just because the can feel familiar. Letting go can sound terrifying as there is always a risk of us ending up alone. However, we shouldn't be afraid of being on our owns for some time. Alone doesn't necessarily mean 'lonely'. All people need some time by themselves to breathe, re-consider and then make new choices. Happiness is something that comes, first of all, from our inner selves and, later, from other people.

So, don't be afraid to let go of a relationship that's old and exhausting. Good things are around the corner; you just have to make way for them! If you have faith, you'll see that love can always find you.
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