Super-Effective Cannabis Patch Relieves Fibromyalgia Symptoms And Diabetic Nerve Pain

Super-Effective Cannabis Patch Relieves Fibromyalgia Symptoms And Diabetic Nerve Pain

A company which focuses on the healing properties of cannabis brought out a revolutionary patch that treats fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.

This discovery shows that cannabis deserves a better reputation as it can help in health issues if used in the right way.

The cannabis patches are just transdermal patches that deliver the “good stuff” in the skin, that later travels through the bloodstream.

These patches lower neurological nerve pain caused by diabetes and fibromyalgia. Experts from the company describe that controlled doses can’t damage the body nor lead to any side effects.

As Cannabis Science assures their clients, these patches can treat every affected part in the body. Transdermal solutions work better than any other method, including topical, oral, intramuscular or intravenous applications.

These patches guarantee that the needed amount of the healing content is released into the patient.

Cannabis penetrates through a membrane or thin layers that melt on the skin. The thin layers are packed with powerful cannabinoid extract that reaches for the central nervous system and eliminates pain.

CBD is the 2nd most significant cannabinoid in cannabis. CBD has great anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving potential. There are almost no side effects, other than the hallucinogenic effect.

Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, CEO of Cannabis Science declares that their product is just a small part of the whole capacity of Cannabis Science.

“The development of these two new pharmaceuticals, medicinal applications are just the tip of the iceberg for what we see as the future for Cannabis Science.

While we strive to increase our land capacity for growth and facilities to produce our own product to supply our scientists with proprietary materials to make these formulations, we are also busy researching more potential needs for Cannabis related medical applications and developing the methods for delivery of these medications,”
explained the CEO.

Over 10% of all Americans are affected by fibromyalgia, and many don’t even know they have it.

Many people worldwide experience neuropathic nerve pain, and these patches can help in its treatment. There’s a strong possibility that the patches even cure these health problems.

“As more states nationwide legislate for the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-derived medications, we here at Cannabis Science are focused on developing pharmaceutical formulations and applications to supply the huge growing demand expected over the coming few years,” concludes Dabney.
Super-Effective Cannabis Patch Relieves Fibromyalgia Symptoms And Diabetic Nerve Pain Super-Effective Cannabis Patch Relieves Fibromyalgia Symptoms And Diabetic Nerve Pain Reviewed by Katerina Papakyriakopoulou on 6:35 AM Rating: 5


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