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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Best Job Interview Answer Ever. This Man Just Nailed It!!

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The Best Job Interview Answer Ever. This Man Just Nailed It!!

We are faced with dilemmas every day in our life and it is our discernment in the crunch time that defines who we are and how far we will go. When it comes to wisdom, thinking ‘out of the box’ is what sets us apart from the hordes of people. These “others” just reflect what they have heard and are of the opinion that it is the right solution to the problem. Talking about thinking out of the box, this guy just used his humor and common sense to nail a job interview by doing the same. While most us during job interviews are formal and restrict ourselves to look the part or adhere to the tone of society, this guy used his wits to solve the dilemma they questioned him with. The company handed out 200 applicants a test paper with just this question, and among them, this guy was the only one who got selected for the job. This is why!!

The Best Job Interview Answer Ever. This Man Just Nailed It!!

Source: Ideaspots

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  1. Dilemmas is a big part of our life. You will never know which one waits for you tomorrow. So many students use college essay help to solve at least one problem in their young life. I found this article very interesting.

  2. What about: Taking the dying lady to the hospital, you have learned from your old friend to help... and he is not really in need now. He can stay at the person of your dreams who you impressed by your heroic action and if she/he is really the dream partner, she/he will ask your friend for your phone number , or you give it to her/him. :P


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