5 Signs That You Are A Sapiosexual

5 Signs That You Are A Sapiosexual

A sapiosexual is someone who gets turned on by intelligent people. Are you one of those? The following five signs will help you find out.

1) You light up when a person uses proper grammar.

The smooth pick up lines that a guy often uses to catch a woman are not going to work on you. You’re more intrigued by the man who is speaking proper English and talking about things like current events, business, and finance. A man who speaks impeccably is your number one turn on, and when he gets going, you don’t want him to stop. If you’ve found yourself swooning while having a conversation with a seemingly well-educated guy, you’re a sapiosexual.

2) Your fights with your partner revolve around intellectual matters.

If you both are too involved in the analysis of every witty aspect and are opinionated for every discussion, you both will find yourself always having a clash and would often find yourself opposing each other.

3) You value empathy.

You know that "smart" encompasses not just book-smarts: you're also turned on by emotional intelligence — the ability to read our feelings appropriately and respond in kind.

4) You prefer book stores than bars.

I use the example of bookstores and bars because it’s a common enough cliché, but the point here is that you care about where you go. One thing about sapiosexuals that rings true across the board is that they are into substance. Not just in how they spend their time, but in who they spend it with. If you’d rather spend a day wandering through a new museum than spending a night getting hit on by jerks, chances are, you’re more of a sapiosexual than you think you are.

5) You find philosophical conversation sexy.

A sapiosexual understands that the best foreplay is a philosophical discussion. Or a debate without anger but filled with respect for the other’s thoughts. Or a union of words, emotions, and thoughts made flesh. Mind orgasm is the best!

Sapiosexuality is explained by science. It can involve attraction to intelligence as well as emotional intelligence.

If you're a sapiosexual, then you love to consume knowledge and are always around people who will make you know more, which is why you have no problem developing a crush for someone who loves his books with an enjoyable degree to back it up.

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  1. Well, I thought to be one of the sapiosexual persons around, so thank you for confirming this feeling.

  2. Proofreading would help your article. The grammatical errors distract. (ex. "You prefer bookstores than bars:" it's bookstores TO bars. Hard to have any credibility in a discussion of intelligence when the phrasing suggests that you either don't know how to write, or you just can't be bothered. I don't write this to be mean. I write it in case you really want to succeed.


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