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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

20 Truths About Girls Who Are Not Obsessed With Their Style

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20 Truths About Girls Who Are Not Obsessed With Their Style

It's a myth that all women are fashion-addicts. Men need to understand that not all women care too much about their appearance nor they spend hours to get ready for a date.

I personally dislike stereotypes. There are also a lot of men who get really stressed about the way they look like, while there are women who value other things most.

The fact is, appearance is not everything.

Here are 20 true stories about girls who aren't obsessed with their style. (Don't take them too seriously, I wrote them for fun.)

1) You call the hairdresser only if your hair needs to be cut. And that's not so often.

2) Your friends use many words you don't know. I mean, when they talk about clothing.

3) You rarely "dress up". You usually wear your jeans and a t-shirt.

4) You like sundresses. Especially because you can put them on and off so fast.

5) You don't understand why some people need an hour to get dressed.

6) Your friends keep telling you that you don't know how to put on a make up.

7) You rarely wear high heels. You prefer your sneakers.

8) But even when you do wear high heels... it's possible that you will trip and fall!

9) You once lost a chance of getting a job, because you were dressed up way too casually during the interview.

10) Then you found out that the colour black can make your look really formal. And that's it.

11) You own some formal clothes. You just don't where you have put them. Maybe you've accidentally thrown them away.

12) You don't remember the last time you went shopping.

13) Going to the gym at the end of the day is really just an excuse to wear your comfy gym clothes for hours leading up to it.

14) Contact lenses? What is that?

15) You never buy fashion magazines. You accidentally read one once. But you didn't understand a word.

16) You hate sex and the city. These girls only care about fashion!

17) You don't know when it's sales time. Nor when the stores are open.

18) You've been called a "tomboy".

19) You don't really care about manicuring your nails.

20) You wear perfume but sweat it off later that day.

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