10 Reasons Why It's Great To Have A Boyfriend Who Is Also Your Best Friend

10 Reasons Why It's Great To Have A Boyfriend Who Is Also Your Best Friend

Being in a good, healthy relationship is of course ideal for many different reasons. However, one of the most exciting things in a relationship is to trust your partner as you would trust your best friend. But it's not only about trust. Just think about all the advantages of friendship. Now think about having all of these advantages in your love relationship.

So here are 10 reasons why it's great to have a boyfriend who is also your best friend:

1) He is honest.

Most guys tend to tell white lies a lot because they are afraid of making their girlfriend sad. For example, most boyfriends would never admit that a dress makes you look fat. If your boyfriend is your best friend, then he will frankly tell you what that dress looks like on you. Of course, this "friendship" with your boyfriend will need time to grow. But, in the end, that's what true relationships are for.

2) You don't have to always be chic in front of him.

When a relationship starts, both partners begin to care a lot about their appearance and behaviour. They need to be well dressed and well behaved. When a relationship grows stronger, this doesn't always matter that much. There are times when you want to satisfy your boyfriend and be beautiful for him. But, the truth is, that, since he loves you, you're always beautiful for him. Even if you burp in front of him - which is something best friends do!

3) Personality counts.

As a matter of fact, personality is the most significant in your relationship, even more than your appearance. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should totally give up your diet - not if you really care about your sex life. But still, a relationship lasts for years only if both partners like each other's personality.

4) You two share common interests.

...just as real friends do! Apart from cuddling and kissing, partners who are also best friends love doing other things together too, such as watching a TV show or a movie, going to the same concerts or even playing games. Who said that these are only friends' hobbies?

5) Your conversations aren't silly.

Unfortunately, there are many couples who can't have a serious conversation. Either they get bored of each other, or they really don't know how to communicate. That isn't true for you and your partner. If he's also your best friend, you'll ALWAYS have something good to say to each other.

6) You appreciate each other's sense of humour.

Seriously, I know many people who just can't get their partner's sense of humour. They can even get in a fight because of a joke. Couples who are also best friends can really have a lot of fun together, and sometimes they even have their own code of joking that no one else understands.

7) Valentine's Day isn't that important to you.

Let's admit it, couples who celebrate Valentine's Day or every single month's anniversary aren't that serious. It's sweet at first, but when you get to know each other and spend years with him, what's the point of offering gifts for every single reason? What's really sweet is to buy a gift for your partner for no reason at all. That's because you actually don't need any reason to love him and to show him your love. And that's something best friends know about.

8) He knows your family and he's ok with it.

He isn't shy of your mother, afraid of your father or completely unaware of your third cousin. In fact, this guy knows - and wants to know - every single person if your life; just as your best friend would do! He's also extremely close to your family as well as you are close to his.

9) He supports you.

A true friend and a true boyfriend should know how to listen to your thoughts and support you. They will be there for you when you're sad, when you're angry, even when you are wrong. They know your goals and they'll stand by you until you achieve them. That's because they genuinely love you.

10) It's not always about sex.

If your boyfriend is your best friend too, then he doesn't think about sex all of the time. For example, you can watch a movie together, or you can simply sit and talk with each other without thinking about sex.

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