Here’s What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality

Here’s What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality

Who would have thought you could learn so much about yourself based on your finger length? Above you’ll see three different hands labeled A, B, and C. With each one, the ring, middle and index finger are different (or sometimes the same) lengths. Put your left hand up and find the one that most closely matches you.

A) The charming but pragmatic one.

This one is me! People who have a ring finger longer than the index finger tend to be charming and irresistible to some at least. A’s are the ones who can talk themselves out of just about any situation. Additionally, they’re aggressive and excellent problem solvers. They tend to be incredibly compassionate and are often scientists, engineers, soldiers, and crossword puzzle masters.

B) The confident, get-it-done type.

People with shorter ring fingers than index fingers are the self-confident, get-it-done types. They love solitude in which to work and accomplish the things they need to do, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate introversion. They’re very goal oriented and don’t like to be disturbed. They appreciate what they have but often hunger for more.

C) The peacenik

C’s are the peace-loving conflict-avoiding types. People with even ring and index finger length are well organized and want nothing but to get along with everyone. They are faithful in relationships, tender and caring partners, but beware: C’s have a fiery core that while suppressed in normal day-to-day activities can be dangerous if unleashed. They might be peaceniks, but please, stay on their good side.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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