How to make your life better and easier with 10 simple moves

How to make your life better and easier by 10 simple moves

Sometimes we tend to make our life hard by forgetting what we are really worth of. Not only are we forgetting our worth but we also don't believe in ourselves at all. A simple way to start gaining our lost self esteem back is the process of repeating positive words to ourselves. That's also called an affirmation.

Using this technique of "repeating" how good you are to yourself - it helps if you're looking in the mirror - you do not only regain your confidence but you also have the power to rewire your brains and help other people too.

How to make your life better and easier with 10 simple moves

Take a look at 10 phrases you could repeat to yourself everyday!

1) I can be great at what I do. The most important thing you need to keep in mind while trying to achieve a goal is that you have to believe you can actually do that! Focus on your purpose and never forget who you are and what you can do.

2) Today, I am happy and energized. It might seem weird, but if you believe in your joy then joy believes in you too! It starts from within not from outside of yourself.

3) I love myself. If you actually love yourself, others will love and respect you too. You have to know and appreciate who you are, so as to be encouraged and inspired to do bigger and better things.

4) I have a healthy body, a great mind and a tranquil soul. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind and soul. If either suffers from negative emotions, the others will be affected. The number one cause of health or disease is you. You are conquering your illness and defeating it steadily each day.

5) I am capable of doing whatever I want to. This is really important for counseling yourself to stay encouraged. By saying this, you are able to do anything and everything that you put your mind to.

6) Everything happens for a good reason. Don't get upset or sad by things that happen and might not be what you asked for. Sometimes a good dream takes more time to come true than what you imagine. But it's worth the effort and the patience, that's for sure.

7) I am responsible for my own life. Repeat this every morning. No one will tell you what to do. It's you who builds the foundation of your life. So try to do it as good as you can!

8) I forgive but I do not forget. And that's the better thing to do. Don't hold grudges against people. Forgiveness is power. However you should know there are people you can't trust. Just detach from them, peacefully.

9) I am able to conquer my challenges, my creativity is limitless and reach success. Plain and simple, you have no limits but those you place on yourself. This affirmation will help you address all of the boundaries.

10) Today I can be better. Everyone has some bad habits. However you could always replace a bad habit of yours with another, more positive habit. Realize that any difficult time are only a short phase of life. Everything can change as long as you know what you have to do.

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